Full Service Provider

At PST we can provide all three core technologies in the sheet metal and plate working process. So, whether your need is for a laser cutting machine, punch press or press brake, PST can provide you with a solution at all technology levels within each of these technologies.

Beyond the sale of the machine, we offer a comprehensive service package consisting of packing, transport, set-up, commissioning / start-up and training.

Laser cutting

From entry level machines, flying optic shuttle table machine right up to automated systems, we have your laser cutting needs covered. Whatever your budget or technical application is, PST hast the right laser solution for you.

Punch Presses / Stanz-Nibbel-Maschinen

The combination of LVD and Strippit brands in the area of punch Presses means that we are able to offer a wide variety of machines to match virtually any budget and application.

Press Brake

The brand of LVD in press brakes is reowned for quality, robustness and performance within a huge range of machine sizes. So whether your need is for a machine to bend simple components right up to a highly complex application, PST can advise you on the right machine for your application.