Guidelines For Taking Back Of Machines

  • We will take back LVD machines against market price.
    Preferably we will make the contract directly with the customer.
  • Machines have to be fully functional at the day of disassembling.
  • P.S.T has to be informed as soon as possible when there is a delay in delivery for the new machines from the LVD sales-network.
  • Machines, especially press brakes, should be always taken back free loaded on truck.
  • Lasermachines and punching machines will be normally disassembled from P.S.T.
  • Prices are valid for six weeks, after this time, a contact is required, whether the offer is still valid or not.
  • If P.S.T makes an offer and do not get the machine, P.S.T has to be informed directly about the rejection.
  • P.S.T has to be informed about the delivery-time of the second-hand machine as soon as possible.
  • Machine will be paid before disassembling.